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They are can testify to our great workmanship

Kian Bailey
Club Wholesale

My swimming pool used to be just plain and I got pretty much bored with its ordinary look. I am glad I called on you guys because all my neighbours now envy me and I look forward to taking a dip everyday after work.

Jessica Ford
The Flying Hippo

I pretty much own the bragging rights of having the best swimming pool around my neighbourhood. I got my designer pool constructed at a cost that was slightly below my budget and the outcome was just amazing! I certainly would never ask for more. Highly recommended.

Ethan Stevens

These guys are the best at what they do. My compound is pretty small and so fixing an amazing designer swimming pool was nowhere near my dreams. A friend convinced me to give you guys a try and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The swimming pool not only fitted, but it has also greatly enhanced the aesthetics of my home! 

Getting the Real Deal on Equity Release

When it comes to calculating the real value of your property and the amount you can get from a lender, it can be quite confusing. There is no clear path to calculating the exact amount you can receive for your property even with the most modern calculators. What you can get is just a mere approximation which may sometimes disappoint you or favour you. Periodical valuation of property by markets makes it difficult to analyze the real amount worth a home or any property. This is extremely important when trying to find the maximum equity release lump sum from a lifetime mortgage. 

It is the dream of every home owner seeking equity release to get the maximum value for their property but attaining that fete can be quite a challenge. To obtain maximum equity release lump sum for a property is by luck rather than it is by calculation. Unless you are so good with anticipation and projection, home value keeps changing, appreciating and depreciating.

Methods for Getting Good Equity

The best time to cash in on property is when property value has appreciated in the entire market and everyone is on the rush to buy property. At this point in time, interest rates for bank loans are presumably low and the amount you are likely to be levied from your lump sum is relatively very low compared to the real amount given for equity. Regardless of the plan you choose for equity release, you are bound to get a real deal for your property.

Trouble in Gaining the Maximum

However, the real challenge comes when property value depreciates at the middle of a plan. If the amount calculated at the end of a mortgage is not equal to the amount given to the home owner at the beginning, then it translates to no more money for the property. The lender will use the remaining amount to service their interest requirements to ensure that they do not operate at losses.

Another problem with getting the maximum value is not when you are in the middle of a plan, but when you are trying to get into a plan. As you begin your search the housing market is fluctuating. You might have a good idea, but it takes time to search for the right equity product. If you are like many in the 2006 to 2012 time period then starting on equity release schemes became difficult. It is in this time period that homes began to devaluate making it hard to keep if you had a mortgage and making it difficult to get a loan because you might already have a negative equity situation. 

Getting Advice for Equity 

It calls for a professional equity analyst to deal with these kinds of matters. They are better placed to analyze the market requirements and advice accordingly regarding which plan is most suitable for one’s situation. They will use calculators which define interest against home value as used by banks and other lenders. Do not at any one point seek financial advice from a financial institution.

Retirement Equity Release Schemes

Anyone who owns a home can release equity from it. In this discussion most homeowners own 100% of their home after spending a lifetime working to pay off their mortgage. Now retirement is setting in and they do not have enough retirement funds to survive. To release equity now without a monthly stipend to make repayments a reverse mortgage is required. In this instance you do not make payments but gain funds. You can take a lump sum payment and hold off on repaying the loan until you sell the home or your family can pay the debt back after your demise. Usually it involves selling the home, so be aware of what this could mean to your family.

It is a good idea to consider the sum you might need in the remainder of your life and then determine how much you can get in a lump sum that meets the requirement you decided on. The hope is that you can gain the lump sum amount you require rather than taking it all out.

As you search to gain the maximum equity release lump sum for an equity release mortgage whether in retirement or as a home owner there are several different things you will want to study. The best way to ensure you have all the facts is to read up on these schemes, speak with a financial adviser from an independent institution and simply decide for yourself what is right for you and your family.