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Kian Bailey
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My swimming pool used to be just plain and I got pretty much bored with its ordinary look. I am glad I called on you guys because all my neighbours now envy me and I look forward to taking a dip everyday after work.

Jessica Ford
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I pretty much own the bragging rights of having the best swimming pool around my neighbourhood. I got my designer pool constructed at a cost that was slightly below my budget and the outcome was just amazing! I certainly would never ask for more. Highly recommended.

Ethan Stevens

These guys are the best at what they do. My compound is pretty small and so fixing an amazing designer swimming pool was nowhere near my dreams. A friend convinced me to give you guys a try and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The swimming pool not only fitted, but it has also greatly enhanced the aesthetics of my home! 

What is the Maximum Equity Release I Can Raise?

Equity release is now one of the most popular methods of raising a cash lump sum. The schemes allow people aged over fifty five to leverage the equity in their home to raise cash through a lifetime mortgage scheme or home reversion plan. The initial concern of most people is “what is the maximum equity release”, and while this is an important factor, it should not be your only deciding concern.


What is the Maximum Equity Release Available?

Plan Ahead for Your Retirement with a Halifax Equity Release Scheme

Many people don’t plan for the future when it comes to their retirement. They subsequently find they are short of money to live life to the standard they have become accustomed to. An equity release from Halifax might be the answer to their problems. The aptly named Halifax Retirement Home Plan is becoming quite popular due to the following benefits it offers including the potential of gifting money to one's beneficiaries.


What you should know about the Halifax Retirement Home Plan Read More...

Is the Halifax Retirement Home Plan Still Available?

If you are wondering if the Halifax Retirement Home Plan is still available, the answer is yes and no. This plan was withdrawn to new borrowers in the market on August 17th 2011. It was a very successful home equity release plan where older borrowers are concerned. Through this plan, older borrowers were given the opportunity to borrow money without having to make any repayments except for the monthly interest charged on the loan. The money borrowed would actually come from the home. The Halifax Retirement Home Plan was a lifetime plan in that it ran until the borrower died or left his home permanently.

The reason why this plan is no longer available to new borrowers is down to Halifax itself. The company did not view the plan as a core product. It was seen as a very small revenue stream. This was probably due to the fact that the company did not really understand the needs of the retired market which was the target market for the Retirement Home Plan.

Another issue that Halifax had with this plan was that it did not meet the requirements of SHIP which is the Safe Home Income Plan. All equity release providers need to be a member of SHIP if they want to win the trust of retired home owners. This organization protects the rights of home owners who engage in home equity release. One of the conditions that needed to be met in order to obtain SHIP membership is providing a no-negative equity plan. This simply means that the home owner should not be allowed to borrow more than the value of their property. Read More...

Equity Release Mortgages Boosted by Poor Health

There is one way in which the poor health of pensioners can be beneficial to them – equity release. Equity release schemes allow retired homeowners to release cash from their properties. More commonly, equity release mortgages are starting to take into account the medical condition of the person (or persons) applying for the mortgage to determine how much money they can take out of their properties. These enhanced lifetime mortgages are also commonly known as impaired life equity release schemes.

Many equity release providers including Aviva, Just Retirement, More2life and Partnership realize that pensioners with poor health have different needs than pensioners with good health and will therefore need more money to sustain their needs and to enjoy their lives with their family and friends while they are physically still able to do so.

The general rule is that the worse the health of homeowners, the more money they will be able to take out of their properties. Common health issues that are taken into consideration and that might result in a homeowners qualifying for more money include: smoking, diabetes, stroke, angina, cancer, heart attacks and Parkinsonís disease or even just a minor issue such as being on medication.  Read More...

Getting the Real Deal on Equity Release

When it comes to calculating the real value of your property and the amount you can get from a lender, it can be quite confusing. There is no clear path to calculating the exact amount you can receive for your property even with the most modern calculators. What you can get is just a mere approximation which may sometimes disappoint you or favour you. Periodical valuation of property by markets makes it difficult to analyze the real amount worth a home or any property. This is extremely important when trying to find the maximum equity release lump sum from a lifetime mortgage. 

It is the dream of every home owner seeking equity release to get the maximum value for their property but attaining that fete can be quite a challenge. To obtain maximum equity release lump sum for a property is by luck rather than it is by calculation. Unless you are so good with anticipation and projection, home value keeps changing, appreciating and depreciating.

Methods for Getting Good Equity

The Scary Term: Mortgage in Retirement!

If the three words mortgage in retirement send a chilling shudder right down the length of your spine, it may well be worth your while to read this article and find out how this can actually be a very welcome idea for people that have gone past the age of retirement.

You see, when we say mortgage in retirement, we do not mean that you will still be paying off the cost of your property when you get past the age of 65. No, instead, we mean that you could actually benefit from some income and this is borrowed against the equity that you hold in your property.

So, now that you are starting to relax a little more - read on to find out how this works. The proper term for this type of equity plan is a lifetime mortgage. This basically means that you can borrow a certain percentage of the equity of your property (varying with age) and not have to worry about it until the unfortunate time of your death. Read More...